a true sumo plays in full-screen with sound turned up

the ultimate battle

the timeless dance of battle distilled down to two controls and four colors - use the unlimited subtleties of physics to unbalance your opponent and reach ultimate victory

a perfectly minimalist two player physics duel - wait for the moment of weakness then strike with certainty knowing the slightest hesitation could result in defeat - the simple controls are instantly intuitive but the road to becoming a master sumo is a long one

battles take place in a multitude of different arenas - each one offering new dangers and new opportunities to use to your advantage

features in haiku form

  • one or two players
  • the true essence of sumo
  • amazing graphics

what people are saying about sumo sumo on steam greenlight

I don't understand it.,..... what did I just saw? ?_? - Risner

minimalist - lazy and or talentless - Smeagol

NO NO NO NO i m so done with crap that looks like an infants colorbook its 2016 stop putting crap that looks like its from the "pong" age - JDWorklabs

i can't see any sumo. (and this is obvious minimalist style because i don't know how to graphic) - ????? is dead

Wow sumos! Oh wait they are sticks. - oXygeN